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Happy Birthday to my sweet little girl! You were feisty when you were in my belly, and you are still that way to this day! God blessed us with a little ball of fire, that lights up any room that she is in. She is sweet, nurturing, loving and caring. But, also with this package comes a head strong, spirited, stubborn and independent little girl that just doesn’t know how to take no for an answer! (later this will be the gift of perseverance for her, but now is just a pain in my rear! Which is why her nickname is little monster!)  


 She didn’t really coo, so to speak. We would kid around and say it was a growl….lol  She sounded like a little wild cat. LOL 

One time I  was on the phone with a friend, with my little baby girl in my arms. My friend on the phone said,  “what is that growling noise, are you holding a dragon toy?!”  LOL 

She could not sleep unless she was in my arms! I literally slept in our recliner for months. (and still do sometimes!) She is my little cuddle monster!

 One day, she will be a strong, independent girl that will know exactly what she wants and will not easily be swayed to change her mind. I pray she will use her strength to be a great soldier in God’s army of faithful servants! 


She adores her big brother, and he loves her dearly!

God, Thank you, that on this day 3 years ago you blessed me with my special little girl that her daddy and I love so very much! She is a gift to us and to  her big bubby!

Happy Birthday to you Sweetie! How special that you were born on one of my favorite Saint’s Birthday also! 

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My dad is 62!  I can’t believe he is so old!  LOL  (that’s for you dad)  There are many things I could tell you I love about my dad, but I will start with one thing that was most important to me growing up.  He always talked to me.  I never wondered about much, cause he would ask….”whatchya thinkin bout” and then we talked about anything and everything.  We talked about heaven and hell, good and evil, good guys and bad guys, friends and enemies, fake people and real people, ups and downs….everything.  We understood each other most all of the time when I was a kid, because we talked. I remember one time when I was about 7, I heard the Bible story about Abraham willing to sacrifice his son.  I remember thinking…how awful if that happened to my dad!  I would expect him to do what God told him to, but he would feel so sad and awful for doing it!  So, I was so worried that if my dad had to sacrifice me, that he would be thinking of how hurt I would be.  But, it was the opposite for me…I was worried about him.  So, I went to my dad and said “Dad, if you ever had to sacrifice me like Abraham did, I want you to know that I am ok with it and I don’t want you to be sad”  LOL  He was kind of stunned when I said that, but he knew me well and knew of my big heart. He just said “Oh, that would never happen!” and I would insist…”but, if it DID happen…” and he stopped me and said..”If it did, I would know that you  understand”   and that’s all I wanted to hear. I am so happy my dad knew, how to know me.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!  I am gald you never had to sacrifice me!

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Happy birthday to my big brother!  Man, we are getting old. I can’t believe he is 37!  He is the Field piping engineer (big wig) on a job site in Qatar, in the Middle East.  It sounds very exciting for him.  He says it is the largest job outfit he has ever seen, the job site alone is miles long.  It is a huge oil refinery.  So far he loves it there.  He is and always will be a world traveler.  He has been so many places, I can’t even count anymore.  He volunteered for mission work that lead him to Africa, Thailand,  and China just to name a few. He has worked in Saudi Arabia and Cyprus, Argentina and has visited Turkey, his most beloved Lebanon, Ireland and many parts of Europe….I can’t even remember them all, I know I am leaving so much out!   I am very proud of him, and I am happy he is following his heart and his dreams.  He is very brave, courageous, determined and disciplined(only when he wants to be… ;)). Though like all of us who have been on both sides of our faith, he has been full of faith…and sometimes not so much, as all of us with human nature have been.  But he is a man after God’s heart!  Please ask St. Charbel to pray for him,pray for direction for him and to pray that he be guided to the path of happiness that God has prepared for him.

Saint Charbel

St. Charbel Please pray for my brother!

learn more about this saint here

This was still posted on the 27th, even though it says the 28th!!!  timezones I guess! 😉

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Happy Birthday Nanny!

I wanted to say Happy Birthday to my Nanny!  (my grandmother)  She is an amazing women in my eyes and I love her so.  She and my Grandad helped raise my brother and I, along with my two cousins a few times through out our lives.  She is an inspiration to me as homemaker.  She is a talented artist, quilt maker, gardener, has a very nurturing nature, and the most wonderful cook I know.

I love you Nanny, you have given me so much!

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