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Jesus tree 1 Jesus tree 2

DAY 1                            DAY 2

Jesus tree 3

Jesus tree 3 Jesus tree 4

DAY 3                          DAY 4

Jesus tree 5 Jesus tree 6

DAY 5                           DAY 6

Jesus tree 7 Jesus tree 8

DAY 7                           DAY 8

I have been meaning to get these uploaded to my computer for weeks now.  I am behind on this project still!  But I am determined to get it caught up this week.  I was inspired by Jessica’s Jesus Tree, and thanks to her I have used her patterns to help be a guide for mine. I have used her suggested scripture and coloring pages also.(which are wonderful and such a joy to share with the kids) I didn’t buy the kit, so this is a poor man’s adaptation…lol  I am hand stitching them so we can use them for years.  We hang them on the tree we used for the Jesse tree.  We got the branches from a field near by and I got the pail at the Dollar Tree for …of coarse…a dollar.  The felt is very inexpensive, so it is just frugal enough for me to accomplish.  It is time consuming, though it is such a help that builder  has done much of the hand stitching also.  I will upload the more recent pics soon, hopefully I can get them all posted before Easter!   I love this project and I am sooo thankful to Jessica for sharing it.  Go to her blog and see all four weeks so far! This is a wonderful way for me to show the kids how we can live the scriptures in our lives.  We can talk about each ornament and the scripture it represents and what it means to us in our daily lives.  It’s a fun teaching tool because they don’t even realize they are learning, they are just having fun.

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Jesse tree 2

This was our Jesse tree this past Christmas.  This is my first year homeschooling.  So I have been late to start everything because my mind is blown with all the liturgical crafts and learning oppurtunities out there that I can teach my children.  So, that being said, My boy and I started this late and didn’t finish in time.   But, on to brighter days….I am going to attempt to use the same twigs and start a Easter tree.   I am not sure how I will do it, but I have found some great ideas on other blogs that I am hoping to pull inspiration from.  More to come soon…..

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