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Simply Lovely Sacred Spaces


I am a new blogger and this is my first time to participate in a fair.  A new blog friend of my suggested to try some, so here it is.

 I was so happy to do this fair because it is really the most important part of my home decor.  I try not to pay much attention to the temptation in having a magazine perfect home.  I really want my home to be a reminder that God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, St. Joseph and so many other saints all live here too. 

corner 1

Everything you see on this wall is very special to me.  My hubby and I bought the Good Shepherd print the first year of our Marriage.  My Nanny(Grandmother) created the little plaques on the left, one of an Angel and one of Mary, Jesus and an Angel when she was in college.  The crucifix was hubby’s fathers, the last supper was my Grandmother’s (created by my father or a sibling), and the print of Mary was given to me by my son and hubby.  I love to sit and read in that chair, mostly because it looks ok and it only cost me 5.00 bucks at a garage sale 🙂

prayer table

Then here, is our domestic altar in the school room. I got the shelf for a buck at a thrift store and the book shelf the sheet is covering cost me 10.00 at an auction that had used ISD furniture.(I got tons of stuff dirt cheap!)  There is a pic below that shows the cubbies (still has some kids names on it that I haven’t been able to scrap off yet!)

The Crucifix is a recent very special gift to me that has a big story to go with it, but I will save for another time.  I have it set low so the kids can see it when we pray.  The candles are our blessed prayer candles, the little prints on each side of the Bible were given to us when my hubby and I were confirmed together before our wedding(hubby is a cradle catholic but was never confirmed until right before we married, I was Episcopal and felt a huge desire to become Catholic after attending Mass just a few times.) The Bible was hubby’s Grandparents, the banner was made by my son for his First Communion, the divine mercy plaque is very special to me and was given to me by my son and hubby. The Mary and baby Jesus statue was given to me by my mother, the big candle was our unity candle at our wedding given to us by a dear friend. The little marble stone has Mary on it and it came from a dear faith-filled friend in Lebanon. A prayer card I love of Padre Pio by the candle. I rescued the Mary on top that was at a garage sale and to be thrown away. They asked for 5.00 and I only had 3.00 so I walked away and the lady chased after me and give it me for free. She said it was her new husbands ex-wife’s who passed away, that she would throw away if no one took it!  I was so happy to have her, though she needs touch up paint.

There you have it!

 All the rosaries have special meaning, but I imagine I am boring most of you telling you every little story! We have so many other crosses and pictures around the house we love very much also. Especially in my son’s room who has a special collection from his First Confession and First Communion, I will have to get some of those pics on here also.


Our Stations of the Cross-

Here, the kids and I Made the stations of the cross. We chose and shiny purple to remind them of penance, and the red for Christ’s blood he shed for us, gold for Christ the King. I got this idea from a blog that sadly, I can’t remember where found it here, she has the prints to download too..so thank you to her! She had a similar set up with votive candles too.  We say the stations and blow the candle out after each station, all the candles should be out at the 12th station. Some people just have the 12 stations for this reason, but we still chose to have all 14 there. 

stations upclose

This was cheap to make. The candles were .88 cents for a box of 12, so I bought 2 boxes. The glass candle holders… I searched and searched for something cheap enough and finally found these at Walmart for .50 cents each.  We had the paint and ribbon and used the card board inserts that the case of candle holders came in. They were the perfect size, I didn’t even have to cut them down.  Easy……I love ! 


 candle box holder candle

Here is a pic of the candles and the case the came in that I used for the cardboard plaques.

There you have it! I didn’t mean to write so much but I wanted you all to get a good idea of how special these things are to me.  I mentioned how inexpensive some items are because I feel it is part of my vocation to make things nice for my family but being frugal also! I have to stretch that budget!  I hope you all share your special items with me too.  Leave me a post about it….come on….make my day;)

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