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You Belong in 1953

You’re fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!
I have seen this goin around, this was fun to do!
I love the 50’s!  I wish the women’s fashions would come back. I love the dresses from the 50’s 🙂
 I think I am more innocent now, then I was 10 years ago…lol Which is probably why I feel the need to do penance from just reliving a memory!!    
We loved the drive in!  We were the kind of family that would stop right outside the gates and put kids in the trunk until we got to the parking spot.  If we couldn’t afford to pay to get in at all, we would hang out the McD’s playground next to the drive in and climb to the top of that hamburger police guy and sit and watch…lol   good ole days!   One neat bit of info…Did you ever watch that movie the Outsiders? (who am I kidding, all teenage girls saw that movie!)  That drive in scene from that movie was our town drive in 🙂  good ole T-town…Tulsa Ok!

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Funny Story….

When hubby and I were first married, we went out on the weekends. ( imagine that…. a couple going out….seems so strange to me now…lol)  We liked to go to clubs that had live bands and we loved classic or modern rock. One weekend we went to a club called The Beagle. We didn’t know anything about it, only that we heard the live rock band playing from outside. We thought we’d try it, so we went in and got a few beers and stood in the crowd being blasted by the loud speakers just like everyone else.  Then we saw that they were taking requests……hhhmmm neat, ok…..we push our way over there and ask the lead to play a Led Zeppelin song. He just nodded and smiled.  After a few songs and a few beers, we noticed, no Zeppelin…lol  So we began to act like total idiots and began yelling “Zeppelin, Zeppelin” Finaly one of the members of the band leaned over to hubby and said “Dude, we are a Beatles cover band, we only play Beatle tunes”…..UMM we are IDIOTS….LOL  We never noticed they were all beatle songs…LOL  That’s what rock music and beer will do for ya 😉   Yes….the good ole days, we were young….but we were total goobers!!

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