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Have you ever wondered how much work it is for the wonderful women who volunteer to co-lead a homeschool group?  I have often marveled at them……but now, I am one of them.  Kiss your homeschool group leaders and send them a thank you email……cuz there is alot more work to it than you ( and me) thought! Thank goodness We are co-leading with 3 and have great support from the pros from the year before.

Anyway…I miss visiting with you all and I hope I will be able to sit down and write to you guys soon!

Something I am thankful for?  I fought the potty battle with my daughter and I think I am safe to say I am victorious!!! Finally, after a few months past 3 :)!!  Note to mothers still in battle – put a potty in the living room!  My little one just didn’t like me telling her to go do it. I put her in training panties and let her feel icky after dripping pee down her leg a few times when she was stubborn and wouldn’t try to go to the potty. She started going on her own when I put it in the living room. this is a lil girl that is going to try to make all her own rules!!  God have mercy on me!!!

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My lil sweet monster needs to be busy during lesson time with Builder.  She is very hands on and fights for my attention when I am teaching him.  This worked wonderfuly! We started off with me helping her.  I would grab one macaroni and tell her to grab one.  Then I tell her to put one in the with the red A. Then I grab two and tell her to grab two also, then we put one, two in with the orange B, and so on.  Then I worked with Builder and she continued on her own, counting and say letters and colors out loud.  Worked really well for her, and frugal to boot!  Macaroni was one dollar, cups I have had since I worked at a mexican resteraunt when I was 20, and the letters were a great Christmas gift from family. Inexpensive yet very effective, my favorite kind of homeschool materials!

builder at work

What do I hear from builder as I am working with Lil monster with Macaroni?…….

He is doing his Spelling lesson, one of the lessons are putting his words in alphabetical order. This is how he narrates the entire workbook page. He is pretending to be a high-tech homework machine, speaking in a robotic voice.

Scanning for S’s:  Five  S’s detected

Scanning complete.

homophones detected from scanned words are: Bare-Bear, Where-Wear, There-Their, Pare-Pair, Stair-Stare

Scanning complete

Me- “Ok, hunny……is there a silent mode?

him- “Must  press pause or mute”

me- “Ok, mute!”

him- “Well, actaully I finished so I am done now.”

My patience lasted the entire assignment….Huh.  I guess that prayer for patience was received, tested, and approved!  Thanks God for the exercise, I am happy I passed!


This is was builders choice for indoor P.E. since it is raining and sleeting outside.  He quickly drew the bulls eye and everytime he went to retrieve his ball, lil monster jumped up there and put her art work on it 😉 

Thank you to a dear friend for the Birthday Party favors we received this weekend from a party he attended!  He loves the sling shot!

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Just combine the two!  Legos are great fun and really help to bring multiplication skills to his level.  Now I have a happy builder, who says…..ohhhhh, got it!

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colors and counting

How she prefers to practice her colors and counting lessons! Then, she proceeds to make believe she is a tiger with claws…..rrrhhhhh!

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My budding Artist

Builder’s Drawing of our Mary Statue

Just wantedto brag for a moment about my little builder.  We chose to do a drawing of one of our statues of Mary for an art project.  He just sat there and looked at it and drew it by sight! This is outstanding to me because I can’t even draw stick people….LOL  Maybe I should start him in drawing lessons…you think?

Mary Statue

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Jesse tree 2

This was our Jesse tree this past Christmas.  This is my first year homeschooling.  So I have been late to start everything because my mind is blown with all the liturgical crafts and learning oppurtunities out there that I can teach my children.  So, that being said, My boy and I started this late and didn’t finish in time.   But, on to brighter days….I am going to attempt to use the same twigs and start a Easter tree.   I am not sure how I will do it, but I have found some great ideas on other blogs that I am hoping to pull inspiration from.  More to come soon…..

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This week is ending our 2nd quarter in Seton 3rd grade.  He is doing very well and seems to be speeding through phonics, vocab and spelling. I plan to supplement soon and will probably do more supplementing this summer. I didn’t want to over do our first year, but I also want him to be challenged. Math, he is doing great also. He is still a little slow with his multiplication facts but understands double digit multiplying and is eager to start that soon. I will still keep him practicing the single digits until he is much faster. In History, we are learning about the Carroll’s and how the brothers played such a big role in our Catholic History and the influence they had on  the Declaration of Independence and our American History in general.  This will be great to lay a foundation and do another unit this summer during July 4th celebrations.  Science is coming along fine as far as reading and discussions go, but I am still eager to find a supplemental for more workbook type activities.  Religion is always wonderful, he has been given a gift of depth and understanding in that department.  This week he has memorized the Nicene Creed and has been studying the steps for the Stations of the Cross in more depth and detail. English is fun right now, we are comparing subjects and direct objects to football, he loves that! So the Subject (aka Romo) and the direct object (aka T.O.) have some of the same rules as footballRomo is the main player….(subject, aka quarterback) and T.O. (direct object, aka reciever) who receives the action (verb). So we are diagramming now, the subject / verb / and direct object….of coarse the other players are the adjectives….hehe. This has been helpful for him and he is picking it up pretty fast.  But devastated that The Cowboys LOST!!! 

So, I am very pleased with my little builder this week!

Lil monster has been doing great with shapes and colors and has made 3 poopies in the potties!  woo-hoo!!!   Now I just hope she can get the difference between poop and pooter, cause I am wearing out the carpet with a crazy number of trips to the potty!

Thank you Lord for my wonderful family!

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