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I was on the phone being scolded for not watching her telling hubby about the mess while she was sitting in time out. She called out to me…ever so proudly to say…”Mom, I peed on my hand!”

This is totally new to me! Why would a little girl put her hand in her training pants and pee on it!!!

I am at a loss for words.    All of you out there reading this, St. Ann and Mother Mary, pray for me to have patience and the know how to curb this behavior!!

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busy little girl!

The house is mostly all baby/toddler proofed. Even so, I know that if have to leave the room she is in I have to make it fast. Usually it is when we are in the living room and she is watching TV, I leave to go to the bedroom to put away folded clothes. I literally count to about 90 seconds and know that I have to return or there will be some mischief she gets into. Today is no different! Our living room is open to the kitchen. It is safe but plenty of stuff for her to get into, such as paper towels, silverware and now she can get passed the childproof lock on the refrigerator.  So, today as she was sitting watching Dragon Tales…quiet and calm, I left to put away folded clothes and returned to this……

Lawry’s, empty and all over the floor and rug. She pulled the chair to the counter and got the Lawry’s that was on top of the back of the stove. I have most of the spices in a cabinet over the stove, but I can’t reach past the first row.  So, most used spices end up being stored over the stove.

I would love to get something like this to store my spices in so that they can be out of reach. I found it here. I will have to look around for something cheaper, but this looks wonderful!

Meanwhile, I will have to apologize to my hubby for wasting his hard earned 6.99 on Lawry’s all over the floor!  And ask for a spice rack for my next gift.  Hopefully my sweet and sassy little monster will grow out of the stage soon. This is the 2nd time, the first time was while I was talking to Jessica on the phone. That was Morton’s nature season blend 🙂 I can certainly say there is never a dull moment in my house!!

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Happy Birthday to my sweet little girl! You were feisty when you were in my belly, and you are still that way to this day! God blessed us with a little ball of fire, that lights up any room that she is in. She is sweet, nurturing, loving and caring. But, also with this package comes a head strong, spirited, stubborn and independent little girl that just doesn’t know how to take no for an answer! (later this will be the gift of perseverance for her, but now is just a pain in my rear! Which is why her nickname is little monster!)  


 She didn’t really coo, so to speak. We would kid around and say it was a growl….lol  She sounded like a little wild cat. LOL 

One time I  was on the phone with a friend, with my little baby girl in my arms. My friend on the phone said,  “what is that growling noise, are you holding a dragon toy?!”  LOL 

She could not sleep unless she was in my arms! I literally slept in our recliner for months. (and still do sometimes!) She is my little cuddle monster!

 One day, she will be a strong, independent girl that will know exactly what she wants and will not easily be swayed to change her mind. I pray she will use her strength to be a great soldier in God’s army of faithful servants! 


She adores her big brother, and he loves her dearly!

God, Thank you, that on this day 3 years ago you blessed me with my special little girl that her daddy and I love so very much! She is a gift to us and to  her big bubby!

Happy Birthday to you Sweetie! How special that you were born on one of my favorite Saint’s Birthday also! 

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You know you are living the simple life when your kids are happy to sit forever just watching tiny sugar ants come through a little crack, then smooshing them.


(not to self, they aren’t going to go away on their own as longs as crumbs are picked up!)





“Hey mom, I think one just stood up and waved at me!”  Smoosh….poor little guy!




You know you are beginning the warning signs of MSO (Mom Spacing  Out)

When you go to put your almost 3 yr old in her pj’s and lift her shirt over her head, but it gets stuck. You think to yourself…..I know she has a kind of a big head..but dang….it can’t grow in one dayYANK…YANK!!  Then you hear her say “Mom…Buddom…Buddom!!!” Translation- Button, Button!!!  Oh…oops…that’s right,this shirt has a button in the back!  Poor daughter!!!  Bad mommy!

You know you are having another MSO moment when:

Son- “Mom, can I get a drink?”

Mom- ” Sure, you can have some T.E.A.” but don’t let your sister see, she has all ready had her tea for the day.

Daughter- “I want tea”

Mom- gasping in astonishment “How did she know I spelled that?”  wow, I must be doing a great job homeschooling if my almost 3yr old can spell !!!

Son- “Duh, the letter T alone says TEA!!”  

Mom- I am a Goober!


You know there will be no sympathy for you and temptation will not get easier. When you are coming home from the first meeting with your friends, doing the lightweigh program to loose weight, and your family calls you and ask you to stop at sonic for some strawberry malts on the way home! 

A wise man once said something like “Your loved one’s may be a pain in your side to help get you to overcome and to earn sainthood” LOL Father Corapi 🙂   I guess redemptive suffering can come in small ways too 😉 

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I ran across this older picture of my daughter. She must have been 8 months or so. She was trying to nurse her baby!  Isn’t that cute?!!  lol

baby nursing baby

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Take That!

Let me talk you on a journey into potty training world at my house. Below is a pic of what I find about 10 times a day as my 2 1/2yr old potty trains!  She wants to do it all by herself…I can’t help pull her pants down, I can’t help her onto the pot, I cant stand there while she goes.  “Mo-om….weave pees…go” translation- “Mom leave please, go!” I shutter at the shriek, so I stand outside the door. Then…”Mommy, I done” in that high voice sound that every mother can recognize as mischief…(sounds like mo-mmy I d-one)

Then I walk in and find this….

hahhah…I’ll show you little one!

TAKE THAT!!! Rubber-band….my new best friend;)

Next potty visit- “Mom…..wo wok” translation- “Mom, won’t work”

“Yes, mommy knows….isn’t it wonderful?!”

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My lil sweet monster needs to be busy during lesson time with Builder.  She is very hands on and fights for my attention when I am teaching him.  This worked wonderfuly! We started off with me helping her.  I would grab one macaroni and tell her to grab one.  Then I tell her to put one in the with the red A. Then I grab two and tell her to grab two also, then we put one, two in with the orange B, and so on.  Then I worked with Builder and she continued on her own, counting and say letters and colors out loud.  Worked really well for her, and frugal to boot!  Macaroni was one dollar, cups I have had since I worked at a mexican resteraunt when I was 20, and the letters were a great Christmas gift from family. Inexpensive yet very effective, my favorite kind of homeschool materials!

builder at work

What do I hear from builder as I am working with Lil monster with Macaroni?…….

He is doing his Spelling lesson, one of the lessons are putting his words in alphabetical order. This is how he narrates the entire workbook page. He is pretending to be a high-tech homework machine, speaking in a robotic voice.

Scanning for S’s:  Five  S’s detected

Scanning complete.

homophones detected from scanned words are: Bare-Bear, Where-Wear, There-Their, Pare-Pair, Stair-Stare

Scanning complete

Me- “Ok, hunny……is there a silent mode?

him- “Must  press pause or mute”

me- “Ok, mute!”

him- “Well, actaully I finished so I am done now.”

My patience lasted the entire assignment….Huh.  I guess that prayer for patience was received, tested, and approved!  Thanks God for the exercise, I am happy I passed!


This is was builders choice for indoor P.E. since it is raining and sleeting outside.  He quickly drew the bulls eye and everytime he went to retrieve his ball, lil monster jumped up there and put her art work on it 😉 

Thank you to a dear friend for the Birthday Party favors we received this weekend from a party he attended!  He loves the sling shot!

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