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Today was my second attempt at the Dentist’s office. My tooth still will not numb to the nerve!  It numbs all around it but not down to the nerve.  After another 9 shots my dentist said he wanted to try to apply pressure.  He said I should feel pressure but no pain.  OUCH!  Now it has shifted and is deeper in my nerves and killing me. I have to go to a oral surgeon for a silly tooth to be pulled!  I did natural child birth, so I really thought…maybe I will just tough it out and let him pull it anyway. I don’t have the money for a oral surgeon.  But, no such luck. He said he wouldn’t pull it that way. Thank God  Darn! I say. I really can’t afford the extra cost but also didn’t really want to be macho and tough it out anyway….So, now to try to find an oral surgeon on a seriously tight budget.  Wish me luck!

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I am still recovering from my trip to the dentist on Wednesday.  I was going for a root canal and found that it was not guaranteed to work because I let it go for too long. (1000 bucks not in my budget!)  So he said he could pull it for 100 bucks.  It’s a moler, so I need it!But, I told him to pull it anyway.(was killing me with the pain)  After 9 SHOTS in my mouth it wouldn’t numb it!  He said that was a sign it maybe infected down to the nerve and put me on antibiotics and was told to come back next week.  I hate bearing through pain for no reason!  Although, I believe my prayers were answered.  I kept asking God to be with me and to help the dentist make the best decision.  I have heard that if a tooth is pulled while it is infected that the infection could spread or enter the bloodstream.  So maybe that tooth didn’t numb for a good reason.  I had no other signs of infection.  So I guess maybe I did suffer through that pain for something. Who knows?  Makes me feel better believing that anyway 🙂

I will post again about it after tooth dooms day.

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