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Ten Minute meme….

I was tagged by this lovely lady for this meme.

10 People You’d Like to Spend 10 Minutes With:

1- Jesus (but of course I hope it is eternity not only 1o minutes!!)  Please pray for me!!!!

2- Mary (hoping for eternity again)

3- Pope Benedict XV1

4- St. Rita,  St. Teresa of Avila, St. Therese of Lisieux, Bl Mother Theresa of Calcutta ( I know that is actaully 4…call me a cheat!)

5- Our local Bishop

6- Fr. Corapi

7- Fr. Benedict Groeschel

8- Mother Angelica

9- Michelle Duggar ( God Blessed them with 18 kids!!!!)

10- My Granddad, Grandmother and Aunt Susan who passed into eternal life.

I tag Jennifer and Sue and anyone reading this!


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A few weeks ago I was tagged by Sue for the WHAT GOES ON AT YOUR HOUSE? meme,  Sue’s meme is funny!


1. Just how lazy are you?
 I have my days! It comes and goes though. I seem to go into overload and then slump into the laz-daze for a week or so. It gets ugly around here when I do that….lol 

Examples and warning signs of my lazy days?:


 For a stretch of time the only posts you see on my blog are links to or excerpts from other sites and blogs.


 Someone really neat tags you for a meme and you don’t even get to it for weeks!


 My husband wonders why I question about which container from the fridge he ate the ground beef leftovers from. A question only a nervous wife would ask if she knows there is another container of ground beef leftovers from the week before that hasn’t been thrown out!!!

When I wash a load of clothes and never got to putting them in the dryer, then resorting to wash them again!


When sitting and watching a movie on a Saturday night, hubby and I ask our 3 yr old to go fetch us a beer. (Note that it is the 3 yr old and not the 9 yr old, because the 9 yr old would say “What? Why? I just sat down? Can’t you get it?” This then would require a lecture on just do what your told, which requires too much energy, thus the laziness of asking a poor little 3 yr old who loves to do it!


2. What are you going on and on about these days?

Grace…..I have so much to learn about every aspect of this gift, I am pondering it every moment of the day!
3. Your husband always calls it a crackpot theory, but you know you’re really onto something. Tell, tell, tell!

That I only get lazy and get short term memory loss when he doesn’t help me enough and gives me too much to do…..LOL
4. Have you ever eaten a half a hard boiled egg that you found on the floor, and then absentmindedly shaken salt directly into your mouth to chase it?

No, but I have absentmindedly tried to drink from a ketchup bottle….hehehe

I have been talking on my cell phone while spending 5 minutes looking every where for that same cell phone!  Where could it be??!!!  DUH

My Dad always told me about a time when he was on a first date and was very nervous about it. He said he had a snickers bar, opened it, threw the bar out the window and ate the wrapper!!!  LOL  my response to this was….”Dad! You shouldn’t litter!”
5. What did you really screw up this year?

My routine!!!

6. What did you really get right?


Deciding to homskool !  😉


Anyone reading this is tagged!!


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Seven Things Meme

I was tagged for the first time to do a Meme! Thanks Jessica for thinking of me.

Here are the rules:

1. When tagged place the name and URL on your blog.
2. Post rules on your blog.
3. Write 7 non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
4. Name 7 of your favorite blogs.
5. Send an email/comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged.

OK, I have many things/ quirks about me….let’s try to see if I can be honest about them!

1) My most embarrassing moment was when I was 16 I was on my way to the grocery store and grabbed a sweatshirt out of the dryer on the way out the door. When I got to the grocery store, everyone was staring at me!  I walked by the freezer section to look at my reflection to see if I had a booger on my face or something! Nothing…. ignored the people and kept going.  It was still happening, every time someone walked by, they turned and watched me!  I was really getting mad at this point. So in the check out line I Finally asked a person behind me who was looking and smiling at me…”What the heck are you looking at!”  She smiled and slowly reached around to my back and pulled off some of my mother’s “granny panties” that were static cling-ed to my sweatshirt!!!!  There was a cute boy in line too, so I just held them up and said “These are not mine!”….not fun for a 16 yr old!  From that moment on I made sure no one ever mixed their laundry with mine

2) I am so bad at returning library books, that at this moment I owe a 6.00 fine that isn’t in the budget until Friday! So I haven’t been able to place books on hold for a while….aarrgghh! Not a very good example of being frugal is it!

3) When I was little, I would say my prayers and always end it by saying “I will always love you and will never forget you and please help me have a good day in school tomorrow….then I would say Amen, Amen…but one with a short vowel and one with a long vowel, because I heard it both ways.  I thought the there was actually an angel named amen (short  a sound) and one named amen (long sound) and they carried your prayers to God.  Well, I couldn’t show favoritism, so always said them both…and it still slips in as an a old habit every once in awhile.

4) I have terrible handwriting .  I went to many different schools growing up. When they taught cursive in the 2nd and 3rd grade, we moved several times, so it was hard for me to get it.  Each school had a different method and I couldn’t stick to just one. It looked like a different person was writing every other sentence, cause they all practiced different  types of writing skills.  The teachers all just told me to try harder.  So I still, to this day hate to write by hand.

5) When I was 19 I traveled to most all of the Native American Reservations.  I am part native American and was very interested in my heritage at that time. (still am) My friend’s brother was a Native American Rapper who toured promoting cultural pride and sobriety. They hired me as the lights and sound tech and then I helped as a on rode tour manager for awhile.  I was in a different town nearly everyday.  Sometimes I drove all the equipment cross country by myself while he was making a movie.  The best trip was from California up to Washington and over to Michigan in 7 days!  I loved it, and loved all the people I met! 

6) I have a scar on my leg from when my brother bit the head of the gummie worm, put it in the chamber to his BB gun, pumped it up about 10 times and shot me!  He said he thought it would just bounce off….wrong, a gummie head was embedded in my leg and left a scar!

7) Like Jessica, I had natural child labor. I believe it is the natural circle of life and God’s plan. (also a good time to offer your suffering up for that child) I was induced with both kids so it was really hard because they controlled my labor according to their time standards, so they turned up the pitocin mighty hard and mighty fast.  That is hard to do natural!  I was in labor with both about 7 hrs. With my daughter, her head was stuck for over 2 hours, every time I pushed I could feel that she was stuck.  They said that my cervix had a “lip” to it on one side and that was causing her to not get past it.  So the nurse, with every contraction yanked, pulled and stretched my cervix.  The pain was unbearable and they sent for an epidural when I was dilated at 10 and after pushing for 2 1/2 hours. 10 minutes after the epidural I had her, they used suction to get her.  Her head was 2 inches bigger than my son’s was and her head was hard, and perfectly round.   OUCH, I hurt just by thinking of it and writing this!  She still has the hardest head!

There you have it!  Those are some of my quirks. though I have so many more I could go on and on.

I am going to tag Jennifer, who is a friend of mine and so nice.

And these are some blogs that I really enjoy, I hope they don’t mind that I tagged them, some of them I just met!

Bia, Lisa, Cathy, Michelle , Cheryland Diane

I hope you visit and enjoy these blogs too.

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