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It is a long story about my father, so I am just going to post a copy of my recent prayer request below:

Please pray for my father, David who has a broken soul and has no hope or faith and is full of despair. My dad has been an alcoholic for about 10-15 years now. He got sober at the request of his fiance about a year ago. They got married after he was 2 months sober. He made it 6 months, but began drinking again after they began to have marital problems. He has now lost his job and she has left him and has been binge drinking every waking moment for the last 3-4 weeks  4-5 weeks now. To have such a high blood alcohol level for so long can be life threatening. I talk to him everyday about this and he says he is ok with loosing his life. He has already began to loose control of some bodily functions and has extreme dementia. I have called the police department in his area and they say they can’t force him to get help from alcoholism. If he threatened his life with a gun, pills, knife etc…they can take him, but not alcohol because it is legal to drink.

Please pray that satan’s grip on him is loosened, so that my dad will let us help him. Please pray that I can find a way to get the state to help me have him forcibly taken to be mentally and medically evaluated. Lord, please help my father see the graces you try to give him and help him hear your voice and feel your love and mercy.

Update– Since this was written I went back home a week ago to have him taken in. I caught him before he was able to go the liquor store so he was somewhat sober and not belligerent. I cleaned up what I could  and my brother and I talked to him for hours. He promised us that if he couldn’t stop drinking on his own he would go to the hospital in 2 days. He stopped drinking for several days and could hardly walk from the shakes and couldn’t eat for days, he had no energy at all. His face was puffy and his belly is swollen…. many more symptoms. After a few days of that his wife came to move out and took most all of the household items and the dogs too. He just wanted to keep his recliner and massage chair, so that is where he sleeps because he has no bed or furniture now. He took this really hard and began drinking again and  is on his 4 day of back to binge drinking. Please pray for him.

Thanks for your prayers!!!

St. Mary Magdalene here on your feast day, please pray for my father to see how sweet our Lord’s mercy is and how tender his love can be when you trust in him.

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