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You Belong in 1953

You’re fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!
I have seen this goin around, this was fun to do!
I love the 50’s!  I wish the women’s fashions would come back. I love the dresses from the 50’s 🙂
 I think I am more innocent now, then I was 10 years ago…lol Which is probably why I feel the need to do penance from just reliving a memory!!    
We loved the drive in!  We were the kind of family that would stop right outside the gates and put kids in the trunk until we got to the parking spot.  If we couldn’t afford to pay to get in at all, we would hang out the McD’s playground next to the drive in and climb to the top of that hamburger police guy and sit and watch…lol   good ole days!   One neat bit of info…Did you ever watch that movie the Outsiders? (who am I kidding, all teenage girls saw that movie!)  That drive in scene from that movie was our town drive in 🙂  good ole T-town…Tulsa Ok!

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Wow, I found this in one of the many boxes I haven’t unpacked yet. ( We only moved 6 months ago!!!)

That is my dad, my brother and I.  Isn’t it classic late 70’s early 80’s?!  lol…All I wanna say is YEE HAW!!!   I was so proud of my hat 😉   I always thought my Dad looked like Wyatt Earp or someone from the old west gun slinging days…lol  They always said I got all the Indian blood cause my brother looked like Custer….hehe

I can still hear Johnny Cash singing “He Can Hear The Train A-Comin” when I see this old photo!  Good times!!

What were we most likely doing then?  Roller skating, playing pac-man in the arcade at the local pizza joint, we’d take the long way home and eat popsicles in the car…huddled under our Indian blankets we got at the store and listening to either Abba, Crystal Gail, Eddie Rabbit or Johnny Cash. My favorite?  “A Boy Named Sue”…lol, but I do “Love The Rainy Night!”

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My dad is 62!  I can’t believe he is so old!  LOL  (that’s for you dad)  There are many things I could tell you I love about my dad, but I will start with one thing that was most important to me growing up.  He always talked to me.  I never wondered about much, cause he would ask….”whatchya thinkin bout” and then we talked about anything and everything.  We talked about heaven and hell, good and evil, good guys and bad guys, friends and enemies, fake people and real people, ups and downs….everything.  We understood each other most all of the time when I was a kid, because we talked. I remember one time when I was about 7, I heard the Bible story about Abraham willing to sacrifice his son.  I remember thinking…how awful if that happened to my dad!  I would expect him to do what God told him to, but he would feel so sad and awful for doing it!  So, I was so worried that if my dad had to sacrifice me, that he would be thinking of how hurt I would be.  But, it was the opposite for me…I was worried about him.  So, I went to my dad and said “Dad, if you ever had to sacrifice me like Abraham did, I want you to know that I am ok with it and I don’t want you to be sad”  LOL  He was kind of stunned when I said that, but he knew me well and knew of my big heart. He just said “Oh, that would never happen!” and I would insist…”but, if it DID happen…” and he stopped me and said..”If it did, I would know that you  understand”   and that’s all I wanted to hear. I am so happy my dad knew, how to know me.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!  I am gald you never had to sacrifice me!

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